Tell us why we should have an FOI legislation

The Selangor state government has initiated the move by tabling the bill, we believe the other states should do the same, and the Federal ruling party should work towards having a FOI law at the national level. Share with us why you think we need an FOI legislation.



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2 Responses to Tell us why we should have an FOI legislation

  1. People have a fundamental right to information which affects their lives. I would like to illustrate this with an example.In my town we have a bridge which was built by a private business Megasteele Sdn. Bhd. It is a huge international business interest running its operations in the remote district council of Kuala Langat. In 2000, a bridge was built across Sungai Langat. It was a massive project (by Kuala Langat standards) the bridge was build amidst protest from communities living around the area of the project. When concerned residents tried various means to engage the district council in having a dialogue with them regarding the project it fell to deaf ears. One of the initiators of residents’ effort, succumbed to a stroke because of the amount of pressure exerted in the process of objecting to the development. Residents were further infuriated when they were informed it was a federal project which would bring rapid progress to the area. No one came to the aid of the community, they could not get details of the project, they were not shown the Environment Impact Assessment Report for the project. They were left with no recourse but to accept it. 8 years later, when Pakatan won the Selangor state, they tried again to get the answers which they had sought earlier but they were informed that records were not available. There are many problems which have become apparent since the building of the bridge, flash floods along the banks which are heavily populated, the dwindling supply of fish in the river, the unpredictable tides (Sungai Langat is a tributary that flows directly into the Straits of Malacca) and the pollution of the river which has become very serious. None of the authorities are willing to reveal anything and it is building up into an environmental disaster.
    A important aspect of good governance is transparency and accountability. It is imperative the FOI legislation becomes a reality in Malaysia (not just Selangor), to safeguard the best interests of the public.

  2. FIKRI RIZ says:

    apakah mediasi merupakan salah satu penyelesaian sengketa informasi di malaysia?

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